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Everything in life is formed of vibrations. These vibrations are the result of the movements of electrons and protons of every atom of every molecule of every substance. Vibration is everywhere; in the atmosphere around us, in animals and in humans.

Since the human body is an energy system, we can use various energy vibrations to interact with the body. Commonly known vibrational therapies are aromas, sound therapy, color, crystals and stones, gem and flower elixirs, energy manipulation and most importantly, thought.

Energy Medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological, and spiritual health and well being. It combines a rational knowledge and intuitive understanding of the energies in the body and the environment. Developing your ability to move these energies can make you a more conscious and sensitive instrument of energy medicine than all the other technologies combined. By focusing on your body as a living system of energy, you begin to realize that powerful energy technologies are already inherent in your hands and in your being. It is all there for the asking.

Sound Therapy
The effects of sound are accumulative. The more we are exposed to beneficial sounds, the greater and more permanent effect they have upon our individual energies. The more we are exposed to harmful sounds, the greater and more negative effects it has upon us on all levels.

Sound in any form is a source of energy. As a source of energy, it can be used to interact with the other energies of the human body. Sound (whether through music, voice, instruments, etc.) is an effective tool for altering electromagnetic fields and impulses of the individual and environment.

I use Tuning Forks, created by Arden & Jack Wilken, as part of my Sound Therapy treatments. The sound of the tuning forks vibrates through the connective tissues of the body. The connective tissues of the body is one place dis-ease attaches to the body and the vibration of the sound will dislodge the dis-ease so it can proceed through the body quickly.

Please visit Arden's web site at

She has a wonderful collection of CDs for the soul. It is very much worth the time to learn more about her system of sound therapy.

Crystals and Stones Healings
For thousands of years humans have been wearing and using certain stones for healing and magical purposes. All stones have a certain, unique energy which is electromagnetic in nature. The properties of certain stones, worn or laid on the body will cause the energy fields of the body to vibrate to the stone's vibration tempo. This is a great way to clean and balance chakras and auras.

There are patterns of stone layouts for stress relief, headaches, broken bones, heart and circulation problems, etc.. Whatever ails you, a stone healing will help balance your energy, which will help to advance the ailment through the body.

My stone healings are conducted in the North American Native Tradition; I honor all the directions and call in help from the Universe. I am only the hollow tube which the energy of the Universe passes through. I receive my information of the particular healing from the person's Spirit Guides and Helpers and from the Universe. The Great Spirit, Mother Earth and Father Sky are all honored parts of my healings.

Energy Manipulation
There are many, many different types of energy manipulation. Too numerous to list. Some of the modalities I presently use are: Chelation, Magnetics, and Polarity,

The idea of energy manipulation is to manage your energy more effectively, so you can reduce anxiety, manage stress, and keep your body free of many ailments. A normal manipulation would have the client laying clothed on a massage table. The practitioner would then manipulate the client's energy using their hands by either touching the physical body or by holding their hands in the etheric body field, about 6 to 12 inches from the body. (This field is where chakras exist.) A normal energy manipulation would last about 45 minutes resulting in a very relaxed state.

On a personal note: I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy in my upper right arm and shoulder. This was a very painful dis-ease for me until I discovered Homeopathy and Energy Medicine. My form of MD does not manifest until adulthood, and it came on with a vengeance. I first discovered Homeopathy which helped a lot with the daily pain and discomfort. About three years later I discovered Energy Medicine which helped to take away the remaining discomfort and frozen muscle pain. I would not have anywhere near the level of energy I have all day without Homeopathy and Energy Medicine. I highly recommend both.

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