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Click on the pictures for a larger view. After a seven hour flight from New York, we arrived in Madrid at 9 am Sunday morning. The weather has been absolutely wonderful — sunny and only around 75 to 80 degrees.

The Palace from the court yard.

It is amazing how dead Madrid was Sunday afternoon, and how alive it became at 10 pm! The Madrilenos really know how to enjoy life after the sun sets. They also know how to take that siesta at 2 pm. Don't be standing in front of the door or you will be run over by the Madrilenos off for their siesta! We were kicked out of the Cathedral de la Almudena at 2 pm sharp. So we decided to try out the siesta thing and we like it.

One of the painted ceilings.

The Palacio Real was our main venture on Monday. It has 2000 rooms, as it had to house the Royal family, the servants and all the tradesmen it took to run a palace in the 1700s. It is very lavish and gaudy all at the same time. The Porcelain Room is covered from floor to ceiling in green, white and purple porcelain. It was used as a smoking room as was a room also covered from floor to ceiling in Oriental tile. Pretty ornate for smoking.

Many of the rooms had clocks of all fashion, and chandeliers that would make any palace proud. The tapestries and flooring were done with great taste it is just too bad that they added the gaudy wallpaper.

The palace was used by Spain's Royal Families until 1931. The current King and Queen use it for state dinners and for the Queen's Concerts. The President of Brazil will be honored with a State Dinner next week.

I was not able to take very many pictures as flash is not allowed, and the rooms were kept dark to preserve that lovely wallpaper and the Spanish and Italian paintings.

These are one pair of the doors on the Cathedral.

Our next stop was the Cathedral de la Almudena which was beautiful, but unfortunately we were kicked out for the siesta time before we could really enjoy the inside.

Monday early evening I saw Bull Fighting the only way I want to see it...on TV. Bulling Fighting is not really my cup of tea.

Pampola’s Running of the Bulls was on Monday, and we had no desire to take the train to see it..again the TV gave a better view.

It is amazing how many menus in Europe are printed in multiply languages. You never see this in LA. But it makes traveling in Europe so very easy! Not all restaurants do this, but those that do are appreciated. The few that did not, our selections, or guesses, turned out to be great.

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