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This is the Beveridges Lock on the Rideau Canal Waterway.

The Rideau Canal Waterway, which links the lakes and rivers between Ottawa and Kingston, is the oldest continuously operated canal in North America. The locks are operated today much as they were when first opened in 1832.
This picture was taking while I was standing on the Poonamalie Lock. The canal is a beautiful place to take a walk, or cruise it in your boat.
The water is so, very still.
Trees have beautiful reflections.
This is the Wheelers Maple Sugar Camp Pancake House. The Wheeler family produces fantastic maple syrup. The Pancake House has had visitors from all over the world.

Please visit their site for a great lesson on syrup producing.Their web site is Wheelers Maple Syrup Camp

This is a tree tap and pipeline for draining the sap from the tree.
The smaller pipelines from the trees drain sap into larger pipelines which drain into the sugar camp.
Once the sap reaches the sugar camp it goes into large evaporators. This is where the water is boiled away so the final product is wonderful maple syrup.
At the end of the season, around the end of April, some of the pipeline is gathered from the trees and brought inside to be cleaned and stored.
These are sugar molds used as early as the 1800's in Canada. The different shapes helped greatly in marketing the product.
The Native Americans used wooden molds.
This is a sap bucket washer.
The Wheeler Maple Museum has a large collection of buckets of all ages.
Peggy carrying buckets the old fashion way.
A collection of tap drills.

If you are ever near McDonalds Corners, Ontario, Canada, which is 65 minutes southwest of Ottawa, please stop in and visit the Wheelers. You are in for a real treat viewing the museum and the pancakes are great..

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