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The following collection of links will lead you to other related web sites. I hope these resources will help to inspire or otherwise help guide you on your path or just make you smile. Let me know if you have any favorites you would like added to the list.

A MUST visit is Steve Gibsons Shields Up Site. Please click on ShieldsUP under his Hots Spots. Then click on Test my Shields & Probe my Ports to find out what level of security your computer is at. This is free and VERY VALUABLE.

Pasadena IBM User Group

Come and join the most exciting User Group in So California. If you are looking for funny items check out FILES. Steve Bass is the group leader and he will keep you up to date on computer virus and new computer products.

Urban Legends: Check here before forwarding an email that has been making the rounds. You will find most have no truth in them.

Properties of Stones

Southwest Wellness Educators provides current and ongoing education in health and wellness. Our focus is aimed at living younger longer, increased productivity and personal vitality. Individual and group instruction is available to organizations, touch therapists, the spa community and workers involved in repetitive activities. Our goal is to support individuals to take self-responsibility for their own health, wellness and vitality.

Mystics and Healers: Find some excellent reading by the world famous author Sandy Johnson. Ms. Johnson travels around the world seeking answers to our most pressing questions about spirit, health, and life. See what she has to offer by going to

Caroline Myss lectures worldwide on finding your Spiritual Path. She has many great books and CDs available.

Rev. Gary Corkill conducts Worldwide Shaman Classes. He is located in Upland California and has classes starting every 8 weeks.

Gary can be contacted at 909.031.9768 or [email protected]

Esther Jenkins

The Four Winds Society

The Four Winds Society is a research and training organization. Our mission is to preserve the techniques of Inka Shamanism and bring them into the 21st Century through classes and in-depth training programs. We offer programs in the Medicine Wheel, Soul retrieval, Energy Medicine, and expeditions to sacred sites in the Amazon and the Andes Mountains of Peru.


Woableza: Holyman and Wisdom Keeper of indigenous peoples

Hubble Space site


What Time is it in your world?



NASA see what is new in space

Great visual site: Grand Illusions