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After thirty years in Southern California, we have moved to Knoxville Tennessee. What a beautiful state! I will be adding pictures to this page all year, so keep checking back.
Spring has arrived!
Tulips are peeking through their protective leaves.
The Bumble Bee is checking out all the flowers.
The rain drops from last night help to bring out the bright colors.
Or, they highlight the beauty of a leaf.
Stop and contemplate the serenity surrounding the statue of St Francis of Assisi, which looks at home in the cool shade.
The moss has made a soft resting spot for the dove.
The new red berries look like leftovers from Christmas.
Tulips are popping up everywhere.
As are mini pansies.
Tulips and Daffodils.
Beautiful flowers are sprinkled all through the grass.
All the trees are blooming.
Color is everywhere.
Dandelions too!
A spring walkway.
More daffodils and tulips.
Another colorful walkway.
Tulip Trees are in full bloom.
Remember making clover necklaces?
A sea of orange lilies.
Boomsday in Knoxville
Over the Labor Day weekend Knoxville has a celebration called Boomsday. There is music, food and fireworks. Over 350,000 people attend, so we decided to view the fireworks from a hill down the street from our home. This is the view from seven miles away.
OK, so I like mushrooms!
Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Cades Cove is a six mile long cove which takes you back in time to the 1830s. There is an eleven mile one-way road that takes you past churches, homes and meadows which have a different look every season.
This Methodist Church was built in 1902 by J.D. McCampbell, a blacksmith and carpenter, in 115 days for $115.
Pews inside the Methodist Church
Col. Hamp Tipton had this house built in the early 1870s. The property has a smokehouse, blacksmith and carpentry shops, a bee house and a woodshed.
This is a cantilever barn on the Tipton property. The cantilever design was copied from European barns.
There is plenty of wildlife in Cades Cove: foxes, wolfs, wild turkey, bear and deer.
A little humor from the park rangers. They placed pelts from a bear and a beaver by the Do Not Feed the Wildlife sign. The pelts are for educational purposes so the public can feel the fur.
Mingus Mill is actually in a different part of the park and is still grinding corn into cornmeal as it was in the 1800s.
Fall is here!
This is a church taken from my car on Interstate 640.
Norris Lake is stunning at this time of the year.
An old house surrounded by beautiful trees.

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