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Barcelona (Day 2)
We went from not being allowed to take any pictures to a walk on the Barcelona Cathedral roof! What a difference a day makes.

Barcelona Cathedral
The cathedral was started in 1298, but most of the building was done in the 14th and 15th centuries. The facade was added in the 19th century. The cathedral is very large and dark as there is basically no lighting in it at all.
The big shock was our $2 entrance into what we thought was a museum and instead it was an elevator ride to the outside of the cathedral roof. We walked on a cat-walk over about one fourth of the cathedral. What a view of the city!

There was also an outhouse up there. Why I am not sure.
There were at least 18 side chapels, some were very elaborate, some were not.

Geese were used as guard dogs during the Middle Ages because of their squawks alerting the priests of visitors. Today they are well taken care of.

La Sagrada Familia
Antonio Gaudi's unfinished legacy is the La Sagrada Familia. He started this cathedral in 1892, and when finished it will be the world's largest cathedral. The cathedral is funded entirely by private donations. He probably thought he would see its completion, but unfortunately, he was run over by a tram in 1926. Completion is now scheduled for 2035.

So far, 8 of the 12 towers are completed. The towers represent the 12 apostles. The entire cathedral is half way done.

La Rumbla
La Rumbla is a street with a large walk running down the middle. You could spend days here just watching people and the street entertainers.

There were all kinds of entertainers, some were very good. Like the two guys? (I not sure if they were both male or not) whom looked like 2 bronze figures on bicycles, complete with scarfs blowing in the wind.

The old men sitting in the background of the bicyclists are locals, who will give up their seat to you for a price.

The crowd is watching a man sitting in a refrigerator.

The idea is that you throw some money into their buckets and they will give a 30-45 second performance. If you do not give them money, and they see you taking a picture they will cover their faces.

There are all kinds of cafes along the walk were if you buy something to eat or drink, you can get away with sitting there for about one hour just watching the people go by.
Bird venders are also a big item. All kinds of birds from parakeets, finches, macaws, to the more exotic multi-color birds that I have no idea what they are.

Flower venders also have their section.
The Farmers Market is across the street, and he does a big trade in vegetables, spices, meat, seafood and whatever else you want. Surprisingly, the market is open until 8 pm.

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